The silica gel chemically called silica dioxide (SI O2) is a highly porous product with high capacity to absorb gaseous substances such as those contained in cigarette smoke.

Suffice it to consider that 1 gram of silica gel has an absorption capacity of various square metres.
The simple sight check of one of our filters, after being used to filter 15 / 20 cigarettes, shows just how protected the smoker’s lungs are.

Minor ( m/m 7 x 32 ): ithe smallest silica gel filter available on the market. Ideal for very thin and slim cigarette holders – very popular with the ladies.

Fibam Duo (m/m 9 x 36): this filter combines silica gel with a condenser (orange colour). This way the speed of the smoke, before crossing the filtering mass, is slowed down because it reaches the bottom of the condenser and exits through the two side slots.

Valvo matic ( m/m 9 x 36 ): this filter combines an elastic valve with the silica gel for specifically trapping tar. By breathing in the smoke, the smoker opens the valve, thereby creating a very thin slot that ensures most of the tar is deposited on the filter wall. The silica gel then completes the filtering operation.

Target ( m/m 24 ): in this minifilter the smoke is forced through 4 small holes and this way abandons the tar which remains visible on the inner wall.

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